"The Dyno kicks some serious !%*&^. All my friends pile over every Sunday to watch Winston Cup and after the race we are on my computer fighting for dibs on the Dyno!"
Brad Strasser
"I love playing with the Dyno and DragStrip…I just thought I’d let you know that your work is appreciated!"
Matt Mason
"I have been building street engines and drag engines for 40 years, and it was always a [guessing process]. But now with the Dyno I know it's right. Since using your software I have managed to put together some very respectable street cars. Some have even made the magazines. I print out a copy of a dyno test for my files and give the customer a copy also, reducing a lot of paperwork. I also use the Dyno in conjunction with the DragStrip Sim. This really helps set up a car and get the most out of any engine buildup. Thank you for making my job easier after all these years."
Jack Morrison
"I really enjoyed your Dyno. It was great to use to help decide on motor combinations for my dirt-track car and also to input in the winning motors that I have been building to compare the power and torque on the computer and how it coincided perfectly with the results I experienced on the track. I truly enjoy your software and I look forward to new products you will produce. I’m sure they will perform equally as well. Thank you."
Brent Thomas
I am very impressed with the results from the Dyno. I have been building performance engines for a number of years and have expended a large sum of money just to find out that one combination or another just doesn’t work. I am very fond of this program because it allows me to "test" every conceivable engine combination for a variety of engines with no expense or headaches. You have a wonderful product and I wish you much success in the future."
Douglas McPhail
"I just viewed your [How To Build Horsepower] video tape. You did a very nice job. The [individuals presented in the video] did a great job explaining how much money and time can be saved [with simulations]. Their stories really drive home the point!!! I’ve been at this stuff for 35 years and I learn a little bit more every day."
Mike Caruso
"Hi. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the Dyno. I have played with it everyday since I got it at Christmas."
Gene Bovaird
"Thanks for the fine software."
Carl And Kathy Engel
"The Dyno gives me the versatility that I wanted. While I have only spent a few hours with it, I think the Dyno KICKS ASS!"
"This is a great product. I have included it as part of the Auto Shop course that I teach. Keep up the good work."
William Brown
"I have just started using my Dyno, and I must commend you. Dyno is a remarkable enhancement to an already great product. I work mainly on offshore boat engines and Ducati motorcycle engines. The increased flexibility in airflow entry and the wider range of modeled engine components makes [it] a breeze! I can only wait to see what you have in store for the future!!!"
Bob Cisternas
"I’m playing ProDrag RacingPCE and I find it to be excellent. I can use the results from the game in real life. I use the game to verify changes I will be doing to my car and all my passes are within 1/10-second or so when compared to my actual track time slips."
Sebastien Paulet
"I am the president of the Penn College motorsports association. Last year you guys donated version 2.8 of your engine Dyno software to us. We fell in love with the program and use it in our motorsports planning and even in our performance class."
B.J. Dodds
"I would like to say how pleased that I am with your products. They work great with no problems. I started off with a 386 computer and I now have a Pentium and they work super fast. Thanks for a great product."
Mike Blanchard
"I love your DeskTop Dynos book and software. I’ve owned Dynomation and Engine Expert for years, but I love the ease and speed of your program. Congratulations to all your staff."
Dave Dion
"I used the DeskTop Dyno to help select parts for a 400cid smallblock Chevy engine for my old Blazer. The engine runs as expected; the Blazer has a new lease on life. I had fun experimenting with different parts and I have saved money, too."
Victor Yeada
"Thank you very much for writing the DeskTop Dynos book. For me, it’s the most informative book I’ve ever read in this field. Please extend my regards to everyone who participated in writing this book."
Mansour Alqifarri
"Thank you for the products and service that I have received in the past. I am more than satisfied with everything I have purchased. Thank you."
Tim Magg
"Let me say that the Dyno is a magnificent piece of software. I have spent hours testing parts. Now that I have it, I wouldn’t take a $1000 to go back to my old way of browsing 100s of magazines trying to find the best combinations of parts to make the most usable horsepower and torque. I know you probably get hundreds of messages from satisfied customers like myself, but I just wanted to say "Thank you" for making my job easier."
Roger Grisle
"I enjoy your program very much. It has been very helpful in building my 450hp smallblock Chevrolet. I am very new to computers and have had no problems using your software. I have been building smallblock Chevys for 40+ years and your Dyno software has made me realize that I wasted a lot more money that my computer and programs have saved me in [just] the last buildup."
George Sisley
"I would like to say that your Dyno engine simulation has already helped me verify selected performance parameters on my dual-Weber, roller-cammed, cc OHC Ford engine used in our short-track paved oval Pro-Four. Certainly saves time on the dyno, saves hardware, and track time while being able to selectively narrow the choice of changes to test. My only personal problem is being able to convince my spouse why I need to sit at the keyboard until 2am ‘playing’ with this stuff!"
Dave Carpenter
"Your Dyno and DragStrip software have saved me a lot of time and money. I was about to purchase some parts until I ran your software and found they would have had a negative effect on performance. I now have a quicker car and didn’t waste the money on mismatched parts. Thank you."
Bob Stevens
"I am a registered owner of the Dyno and DragStrip simulation programs. These are great programs. I can’t believe how close they are to actual ‘real life’ performance. I am very satisfied."
John Mino
"The programs offered by your company are very entertaining as well as helpful. The ability to transfer data between program like the Dyno and DragStrip is a great idea. I hope you will pursue this further."
Dan Canada
"I absolutely love this thing. My Wife gave it to me for Christmas. Thank you and her."
Joseph Greaser
"I have recently viewed a copy of your Dyno [engine simulation] and was just blown away by its usefulness in the racing community. I think it is the best thing to come along [for] engine building since roller lifters and forged pistons."
Bob Bangasser
"This is by far the best automotive web site that I have EVER logged onto. No wasted bandwidth here. I also like how you handle the technical information. You shoot straight. You convey the information without condensing. Great work, gentlemen!"
Doland-Alex Bland
"I really like your [engine simulation]. I have ‘built’ several engines out of magazines and have come very close to their published results. You could save some serious dollars with this simulation. Thanks."
Keirh Whittington
"I love the DeskTop Dyno. Our race team has a Sprint Car that had a little trouble last year. We have already got a combination ready for next year thanks to you. Thanks for saving us some money on trying out parts."
Shane Bruce
"I have really enjoyed using the Dyno [engine simulation] to dial-in engines. The software has accurately predicted what is and can be with minor modifications. Dyno has offered hours of entertainment to see what the current engine in our ’73 Camaro can do. We are looking forward to purchasing your DragStrip simulation."
Jeff And DeAnna Williams
"Used your Dyno to build a 383 Chevy. We put it in a 1977 Malibu Classic (car weighs 4100lbs). It runs in 12.90s. Nice Software. Thanks."
Jim Cannon
"I received the Dyno. It works fine and the Cam Math Calculator is really helpful. These products are a real service. Please include my name for any upgrades."
Frank Poyle
"Hi! I bought your Dyno program for my husband to try to get him involved with our PC. Let me tell you, I now have to schedule my time with the PC, and I still have to push him off the thing. He is having a great time with this program! It’s not uncommon to find 2 or 3 guys in ‘my’ computer room. Keep up the good work and the reasonable prices."
Billie Gherardi
"My copy of Desktop Dynos (the book) arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I must tell you: I’m IMPRESSED! This is, by far, the BEST technical treatise on the principles of operation of the Otto-Cycle engine I have ever seen. And it is written in cogent, concise, clear language approachable by any dedicated enthusiast, racer, or engineer willing to make a modest effort. This book is OUTSTANDING, and it should be required reading for every serious motorhead and/or racer. As for the software, I have made hundreds of dyno runs on my own project and have learned an enormous amount of valuable information. The Dyno was the best forty bucks I ever spent. The DeskTop Dynos (book) would have been a bargain at a hundred bucks; for $19.95 is was a steal. Good work, guys! Your products are way cool!"
Charlie Hannan
"...Your DeskTop DYNO software was instrumental with our winning of the 1999 PRO 4 championship and the breaking of the R.A.R.C. (Regina Auto Racing Club) track record. I have also used it to design a 400HP 350 for my daughter's 82 TA, which is still ruling Regina's streets..."
Daniel (Preacher) Lutes
"Just wanted you to know your Dyno software has saved my and my customers a considerable amount of cash and heartache! Thanks. Looking forward to more!!"
Ray VanDorn
"Your computer software is awesome! My friends and I use it quite often to test different combinations on our race cars and street cars. We campaign three different cars, two of which use NOS. So when I got your update offering NOS, we were thrilled. Thanks much."
Patrick Connolly
"I like your Dyno program and think that it has been helpful to me in my vocational class. I has made it easy to find out how to get the most horsepower or torque. I would just like to say thanks to you people for making a program like the Dyno.
Adam Crager
"Received my Dyno software upgrade. This thing is awesome! Especially like the 10,000rpm capability. This allows us to do some serious designing. The 'Calculated Power And Engine Pressures' display is neat, too."
Bill Riordan
"This program is more fun than a big-block Chevette! This program has provided hours of fun in the first few days. My son and I have explored engines from works-in-progress to a 12-cylinder, 7-inch bore and stroke Monster motor. Keep up the good work."
James Robinson, Jr.
"I have just finished reading the book DeskTop Dynos, by Larry Atherton. I am writing to say that it is an absolutely outstanding overview of the internal combustion engine. I learned more from this book than I ever could have by reading the high performance magazines. Also, the Cam Math Calculator is an invaluable addition to the Dyno program."
Bruce Tesch
"In the short time we have had the Dyno package, we have realized that it will be a valuable asset to our engine-building service. Being able to show customers printouts of estimated horsepower and torque before engine building starts is a great tool. Regards."
Sean Kelly
"Thank you for producing an enlightening engine program. I find it very useful. Thanx again."
Jon Waterbury
"This software program you’ve developed has made BELIEVERS out of many, many racers around the western Wisconsin area! Keep up the good work!"
James Water
"The improvements [you] made with the upgrade version are excellent and [it[ makes the program much more user friendly and accurate. I have also purchased your ‘Using Computer To Build Horsepower’ video, and this is an excellent product, also."
Jeff Dimitry
"Just unpacked the Dyno and I am having fun. Please let me know when the DragStrip will be available; I will purchase [it] on the spot."
Bill Kehrer
"I just purchased the Dyno and I must admit, it is much more than I expected. I have a Bachelors and Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and have been tinkering with cars and engines for over 30 years. When I read about the program, I thought it would be a ‘toy.’ But I figured, I’ll waste a few bucks, and at least I’ll have something for my 17-year old son to play with. But the Dyno is really a very good program and I am pleased with it. Thanks again for a great product."
James Carnevale
"I would like to say that I have been very impressed with the Dyno software. The accuracy of this program is quite amazing. I have run many ‘dyno test’ of actual engines and found the results to be almost exactly those of the real engines. This program has already helped me pick the perfect cam for my truck. I was very pleased with the results. Keep up the good work."
Travis Gould
"Thank you for producing good quality materials. I and my students are getting many hours of enjoyment from them. These programs are very motivating for all of us. Thank you."
Stew Williamson
"Your new program represents quite an improvement over the original version, an excellent program in its own right. Great work."
Jerry Corscadden
"What a pleasure it is to use a program that is user friendly and accurate. I recently dyno tested an engine and it matched the prediction within 1hp and 20ft/lbs torque. I look forward to using your program."
Floyd Kiel
"Found this program to be addictive. Have almost sent myself mad trying all kinds of combinations."
Robert Chapman
"Just a quick note to give kudos on the great software."
Cethe J.

"I've been trying to really 'flex' both Dyno and Drag. I've found both to be of tremendous help. And I've probably learned more about engines between your software and book than anywhere else. "
Bill Keller

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