Here is a quick look at our Sim-Series and DeskTop-Series Simulations, Professional Simulations, and related products. Click on any image to find out more about these feature-packed simulations.

All ProRacing Sim Version-5 Software Is Fully Windows Compatible (XP/Vista & Win7, 8 & 10)
And Includes A Guarantee Of Your Satisfaction!

DynoSim6 All-New Version-6 Engine Simulation --------------------------------

DynoSim Engine Simulation
     Low-Cost, Wave-Assisted Engine Simulation For The Serious Enthusiast

     Includes latest CamDisk and +3500 Lobe-Profiles CD Libraries FREE!

   DynoSim6 With ProTools™ is a completely new engine simulation. This comprehensive package is not only an upgrade from our previous DynoSim5, but it has been completely rewritten from the ground up to include wave-dynamics tuning analysis from our professional simulation Dynomation-6.
  DynoSim6 includes three wave-dynamic displays that let you “see inside” your running engine! You can determine, at a glance, intake and exhaust pressures, charge flow, and of course Power, Torque, VE, Airflow, Valve Lift, and much more! DynoSim6 will show you why your engine makes power and help you direct your efforts toward the areas that can improve performance!
   DynoSim6 also includes advanced forced-induction modeling. Add turbochargers, Roots/screw and centrifugal superchargers with a mouse click. Set boost, belt ratios, turbine sizes, A/R ratios, even model intercoolers.
   Our all-new DynoSim6 engine simulation is powerful step forward in technology, yet it still is very easy to use! How can this be? Our Direct-Click™ interface lets you select any engine component on the left side of the screen, change any specs, then view the simulation results on the right! It‘s so intuitive, you‘ll be building horsepower with DynoSim6 in just minutes!
   Put this all-new simulation to work for you, and get the most from your next engine build. And for a limited itme, you can get started with these simulation extras at no cost: 6000+ Camfiles and 3500+ Lobe Profile Files (a $130 value). You‘ll find even more engine, flow, and camfiles on the Internet (the DynoSim Series of engine simulations has over 100,000 of users worldwide). DynoSim6 is supplied with a 300+ page, easy to understand, color user manual (viewable on screen from within the program). Bottom Line: DynoSim6 is, simply, the best simulation for the money, and it’s fun to use, too!       Click Here for additional details.     Order Now In Our Fully Secure Store


ProRacing Sim-Series Version-5 Engine Simulations --------------------------------

DynoSim5 With ProTools™
Top-Of-The-Line Domestic and Sport-Compact Engine Simulation With ProTools™ Features!

DynoSim5 will help you find hidden power in any domestic or sport-compact engine. Nearly 20 years of continued software development is the reason DynoSim5 the first-choice among serious engine enthusiasts worldwide. If you want to get the most from your next engine project, the powerful features of DynoSim5 with ProTools will help you optimize performance while keeping costs down. Version-5 includes hundreds of new engines, advanced forced-induction modeling, ignition modeling, combustion modeling, rocker-ratio math, expanded results graphs and tables, comprehensive printouts, full compatibility with other Version-5 simulations, automatic updating over the web, and much more! Put the latest in Sim technology to work for you today. Click Here for additional details.     Order Now In Our Fully Secure Store

Easy-To-Use, Low-Cost Engine Simulation Known Worldwide For Accuracy and Modeling Power!

COMP Cams and ProRacing Sim have teamed up to introduce the DeskTop Dyno5, an easy-to-use, engine-dyno simulation that offers amazing predictive accuracy and low cost. DeskTop Dyno5 allows any performance enthusiasts to test camshafts, cylinder heads, compression ratios, valve sizes, intake manifolds, fuels, nitrous oxide, exhaust systems and so much more! In seconds, you can enter your engine specs using our simple Direct-Click™ interface. Then watch the simulation display power and torque curves within a few percentage points of actual dyno data! Effortlessly test an unlimited range of part combinations. No other simulation software compares in cost, features and accuracy. Get the most simulation power at the lowest cost. Click Here for additional details.     Order Now In Our Fully Secure Store

Dynomation-6™ All-New Wave-Action
Professional Engine Simulation

Dynomation6 Engine Simulation
     Professional Engine Simulation Developed By Motion Software, Inc.

   If you build engines for a living, Dynomation-6 is an essential tool that will help you keep your competitive edge!
Dynomation-6 lets you peer inside a running engine! It reveals–otherwise invisible–pressure waves and mass flow in cylinders and engine passages. This all-new version of Dynomation will accurately display how much power an engine will produce, but it will also show you why it makes that power and where you should put your efforts to optimize performance!
   Latest Version-6 adds extensive exhaust modeling (virtually any header you can imagine), new Fitter™ algorithms that precisely detemine valve timing points and lift curves, comprehensive support for metric and US measurement systems (including a Hybrid Units System that combines the most commonly used units from both US and Metric systems), enhanced Iterator™, model SAE-Standard cam timing (0.006/0.050-inch lift) and cams using any other US/Metric lift standard, and much more!  The latest CamDisk and +3500 Lobe Profile Files are including with Dynomation-6 at no additional charge. Click Here for additional details.

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 Engine Simulation Accessories ---------------------------------------------------------

Expansion Library
For DynoSim5

Add 6000+ Popular Cam Files To DynoSim5 CamFile Library.

An all-new camshaft simulation file library is now available for DynoSim5.
CamDisk-8 includes all the latest cams and specifications from top Cam manufacturers around the World! Over 6000 camfiles have been carefully researched and organized so that you can find the optimum cam for your application in just minutes. Expand DynoSim5 to full power with CamDisk-8!     Click Here for additional details.
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LobeProfile Library For DynoSim6 and Dynomation-6
35000+ Intake and Exhuast Lobe-Profiles; includes just-released cam designs.

Our Lobe-Profile Library marks another FIRST for the performance industry!

Until now, the only way you could obtain lobe-profile data was to purchase the cams you wanted to evaluate and measure the lobes in a fixture by hand! Not an easy or inexpensive process! But now, you can add hundreds of precise lobe-profiles to your cam library! Included Free With Dynomation6 and for a limited time with DynoSim6.    Click Here for additional details.     Order Now In Our Fully Secure Store


 Drag-Strip Vehicle Simulations --------------------------------------------------------

DragSim5 With ProTools™
Our Top-Of-The-Line
1/8- and 1/4-Mile DragStrip Vehicle Simulation Including ProTools™!

Finding the best chassis setup, gear ratios, shift points, and optimum settings for hundreds of other components needed for winning street or drag-strip performance can be an expensive, trial-and-error process. With our Top-Of-The-Line DragSim5™ enthusiasts and pros can quickly build and drag-test any vehicle imaginable, including automobiles, dragsters, motorcycles, even front and rear-wheel drive vehicles! Test any engine power curve, manual or automatic transmissions, any gear ratio, any vehicle weight, wheelbase, driving style, weather conditions and more! Change components with  just a mouse click—drag-race times are instantly updated. A PopUp TimeSlip™ provides an easy-to-read visual summary of overall vehicle performance. Nothing could be easier! DragSim5™ also includes a sophisticated Traction Calculator™ that optimizes tire/track modeling and improves accuracy. Compatible with DynoSim5 and DeskTop Dyno5 engine files. DragSim5™ is amazingly accurate and fun to use! Click Here for additional details.

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DeskTop Drag5
Easy-To-Use, Low-Cost Drag-Strip Vehicle Simulation Known For Accuracy! Fun To Use!

Guessing the performance potential of any vehicle can be tough, if not impossible. With new DeskTop Drag5™ software from ProRacing Sim and COMP Cams, performance enthusiasts can test any vehicle in an 1/8- and 1/4-mile drag-race simulation. You will instantly see the performance potential of any automobile, dragster or motorcycle. DeskTop Drag5™ displays component parts on the left side of the screen and race results on the right. Direct-Click™ menus allow the quick selection of parts and vehicle specifications. Test a virtually unlimited range of engine power curves, transmissions, gears, clutches, torque converters, launch and shift rpm, aerodynamics and more. Results displays include acceleration, engine speeds, clutch and tire slippage, elapsed times, and vehicle speeds!
Offers high accuracy at remarkably low cost. Fully compatible with DeskTop Dyno5™ and DynoSim5™ engine files. No other drag-racing or vehicle-simulation software compares with DeskTop Drag5™ in cost, professional features and accuracy.
Click Here for additional details.

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 Road, Track And Autocross Vehicle Simulations -----------------------------

FastLapSim5 With ProTools™
Our Top-Of-The-Line Road-Racing/Slalom Vehicle Simulation For Any Closed-Course Asphalt Track

Building a competitive road-racing vehicle is a never-ending search for the perfect combination of suspension, tires, gear ratios, braking points, steering path and a hundred other variables needed to arrive at the winner’s circle. Thanks to FastLapSim5™, a Top-Of-The-Line simulation from ProRacing Sim, road-racing enthusiasts and pros can accurately test vehicle components, try unique combinations and evaluate the entire vehicle on any closed-course—all without twisting a single wrench or buying any parts! Select from any of the 40+ built-in tracks, skid pads and slaloms. Use the built-in Track Editor™ to add more tracks or design your own custom track layouts (any length, varying widths, and any number of turns). Finds optimum driving path and precise braking points through every turn and straightaway. FastLapSim5™ is remarkably accurate and great fun to use. Guaranteed to improve the handling and performance of your next project vehicle. Includes ProTools™ that add Track Segment analysis, High-Resolution Testing, Real-Time Sim Calculations, and much more. Click Here for additional details.

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Desktop FastLap5
Easy-To-Use, Low-Cost Road-Racing Vehicle Simulation Known For Accuracy! Fun To Use!

DeskTop FastLap5™ will analyze the handling ability of any vehicle on any closed-course, asphalt track. Despite its low cost, DeskTop FastLap5™ form ProRacing Sim and COMP Cams performs a comprehensive turn-by-turn analysis of any front or rear-wheel drive vehicle to help you find the best setup for any of the 40+ built-in tracks. Use the powerful Track Editor™ to add more tracks or even design your own custom track layouts. Tracks can be any length, varying widths and have any number of turns. Advanced simulation techniques calculate an optimum driving path and precise braking points through every turn and straightaway. Watch as your vehicle negotiates each turn. You can easily detect oversteer, understeer, and other handling abnormalities. Easy-to-read graphs detail full vehicle telemetry including acceleration, braking, steering degree, engine power level, and much more at each point on the track. Determine lap times to within a few percentage points of true track-test data. There is no other closed-course simulation that compares with the DeskTop FastLap5™ in cost, features and accuracy. Click Here for additional details.

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