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The new Sport-Compact CamDataSim™ camfile library from ProRacing Sim, LLC., contains over 300 cam-data files that you can instantly test in the Sport-Compact DynoSim engine simulation. CamDataSim™ camfiles contain extended data that produce more accurate simulations than ever before (see The Real Power Of CamDataSim™, below). You'll find street performance, drag racing, road racing, and more camshafts on this comprehensive disk. Save hours of time searching through cam manufacturer's catalogs. Expand the camfile library for the Sport-Compact DynoSim and find the right cam for your next engine project in seconds.Using the new CamManager™, a powerful cam-analysis tools built into the Sport-Compact DynoSim,

Product Overview: All camfiles included on this disk are automatically installed in the CamFiles (.SCM) directory located on your computer (created when the DynoSim is installed). CamFiles on CamDataSim™ combine with the 100+ camfiles supplied with the SC-DynoSim to build an extensive camfile library of approximately 400 cams that you can search, load and test in any simulated engine.

The Real Power Of CamDataSim™: The Sport-Compact DynoSim incorporates new modeling algorithms that can calculate Lifter Acceleration Rates for test cams by performing an analysis of valve-timing specifications. In order to complete this lobe-profile analysis, the SC-DynoSim needs access to all ten cam-timing data points (seat-to-seat and 0.050-inch opening and closing points plus peak valve lift for both the intake and exhaust lobes). If all ten points are available, Lifter Acceleration will be calculated and displayed in the CamManager™, a powerful new cam-analysis tool built into the DynoSim. All camfiles provided with the DynoSim and the 3500+ additional files included on Sport-Compact CamDataSim™ have complete cam specifications that allow the automatic calculation of Lifter Acceleration. When Lifter Acceleration is known, the SC-DynoSim can more accurately predict power and torque for any test engine.

Availability: The Sport-Compact CamDataSim™  is available NOW! See our Order Form, for order information and Web pricing.

Requirements: The Sport-Compact CamDataSim™  requires the Sport-Compact DynoSim to be installed.

What  Can I Do With Sport-Compact CamDataSim™:
  • Increase CamFile Library To Nearly 400 CamFiles!
  • Improve CamFile Search Times
  • Adds CamFiles That Support Automatic Lobe Acceleration Calculations
  • Improves Accuracy Of Simulations
  • CamManager™ Displays All Timing Data, Recommended Application Info, Cam Lobe Acceleration, Cam Manufacturer, And More.
  • Search For Any Cam By Keyword, Timing Value, Description, Application, Engine Family, etc.

Web Pricing & Package Deals Available Now!

What's New In CamDataSim™:

  • All Camfiles Include Both Seat-To-Seat And 0.050-Inch Timing Data.
  • Expands SC-DynoSim CamFile Library To 400 CamFiles.
  • Find Any CamFile In Just Seconds Using CamManager™.
  • Supports New Lobe Acceleration Calculations Within SC-DynoSim.
  • Includes Extended Cam Data, Plus Application Data, Descriptions, Engine Family Info, And More. Search For Any Timing Value Or Description Keyword.

System Requirements:

  • Any IBM® compatible PC system capable of running Windows95/98/ /Me/ NT/2000/XP
  • SVGA video capability (800 x 800), however, 1024 x 768 or higher resolution recommended
  • CD-ROM disk drive
  • Mouse

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