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CamDisk-8 Expansion Library
For DynoSim5

Add 6000+ Popular Cam Files To DynoSim5!

CD Rom
Quick Start Guide
Adds 6000+ 10-Point
  CamFiles To



CamDisk-8 Detail Info

Compare Engine Sim Program Features

Also Available In A Discount Bundle!

CamDisk-8 is an all-new camshaft simulation file library is now available for DynoSim5.This CD includes all the latest cams and specifications from top Cam manufacturers around the World! Over 6000 camfiles have been carefully researched and organized so that you can find the optimum cam for your application in just minutes. Expand DynoSim5 to full power with CamDisk-8!

Note: CamDisk-8 will only function properly with DynoSim5. Do Not Purchase This Product If You Intend To Use It With DeskTop Dyno5 Or Any Earlier Engine Simulation Software.

CamDisk-8 For DynoSim5
Full Package With
Single-User License

Now Only $49.95

Upgrade To CamDisk-8 Requirement: Own A Previous Version Of CamDisk

Full Package With
Upgrade-User License
Now Only $39.95

DeskTop Dynos Book
Award Winning Engine Book Is Best-Seller!






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DeskTop Dynos was written especially for the automotive enthusiast. This unique book explains how the "mysteries" of the internal combustion engine can be understood using wave dynamics and other engine simulation techniques. Without complex math or physics, DeskTop Dynos will give you new insight into how you can build more horsepower into any engine. By Larry Atherton; 128 pages. Copyright Motion Software, Inc., 1996-2009.

While Supplies Last!

DeskTop Dynos Book

(Retail $19.95)
Only $14.95



New Edition Expected in 201

Using Computers To
Build Horsepower

A 65-Minute Look Into Simulation Software And How It Is Used By Professional Engine Builders And Racers!

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Fascinating 65-minute, VHS video will show you how computers and computer simulation programs have become essential tools in performance and racing. Noted auto and racing experts add insight and describe how they use these new methods on a daily basis. Packed with practical advice and tips, this quality video will help you with any project from a street engine to an all-out Pro Stocker. (NTSC US Format) Copyright 1996-2009.

While Supplies Last!

Using Computers To Build Horsepower Video

(Retail $24.95)
Only $14.95


View The
Video Now!

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