A 65-Minute VHS Video Packed With Tips And Advice

Overview: This fascinating 65-minute, VHS video will show you how computers and computer-simulation programs have become essential tools in performance and racing. Renown simulation developer, Curtis Leaverton, is your guide as you move from the basics through an in-depth investigation of this ground-breaking technology. Noted automotive and racing experts add insight from their unique perspectives and describe how they use this new technology on a daily basis. Packed with practical advice and tips, this quality video will help you gain insight into any project from a street performer to an all-out Pro Stocker.

Requirements: This video is designed to be played on a U.S. Standard, NTSC-compatible, VHS video player. If you will be viewing this video outside the U.S., please make sure that your player is compatible with the NTSC format. This video will not play on PAL, SECAM or other players based on non-NTSC video formats.

Availability: This video is available directly from ProRacing Sim Software. Click Here to purchase.  While Supplies Last!

Included In This 65-Minute Video:

Building Horsepower

Climbing The Learning Curve

The History Of Simulations

The Evolution Of Wave Analysis

Wave Theory Basics

Exhaust System Tuning

Induction Tuning

Program Assumptions And Accuracy

The Future Of Simulations

A Quality Technical Video By Motion Software

Learn From These Technical Experts:

Curtis Leaverton, simulation programmer, wave dynamics expert
John Baechtel, dyno operator, engine testing expert, Westech, Inc.
Paul "Scooter" Brothers, design engineer, COMP Cams, Inc.
Jim McFarland, engine expert, owner AutoCom, Inc.
Jeff Smith, engine builder and writer, Hot Rod/Car Craft Magazines
David Vizard, writer, racer, and expert engine designer


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